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Precious is an extraordinarily sweet, affectionate and fun-loving, 52 pound pibble girl. She is approximately two years old, fully house trained, crate trained and exploding with eagerness to learn and please.

She was pulled from an over crowded shelter where she suffered from bleeding, oozing and bald spots on her skin. We treated her immediately and she looks and acts like a new dog!

Precious adores people and kids. She loves to play. Fetch and chase are a few of her favorites. She enjoys going on walks and hikes and struts quite well on the leash. She’s a show stopper too; just about no one can pass her by without saying hello after witnessing her constant blurry tail and body language that overflows with friendliness and cheer.

She’s a very quick learner who is highly food motivated, which means, she can learn some really cool tricks! Right now, she sits on cue and at every crosswalk. The words/phrases lay down, off, shake, and “go to your roomie” are all very familiar to her. She gets so excited to meet people that sometimes she just can’t keep her paws on the ground! Not a big deal, as we are currently working on “four on the floor”.

Precious has some allergy issues that are currently being treated with medication and a grain free diet. Don’t let this deter you though, as a final protocol for treatment has not been met as of yet, which means there is room to explore options with your own vet!

Precious has successfully walked, leashed, with another, low key, male dog who had an indifferent demeanor. Since we don’t know much about her past, like any dog, she will have to be introduced, slowly and positively to any canine friends she meets. She gets very excited and sometimes barks, due to excitement, when other dogs bark at her. We recommend a home without cats.

This girl has been in foster care for 8 months and is in need of being scooped up by a loving family to call her own. She will thrive in a family atmosphere and can’t wait to snuggle up on your couch for movie night (and share *just a few* pieces of popcorn with you)!

Thank you to Joseph Frazz for photos of Precious.

Date: August 24, 2015